Company History

April, 1973In Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, it is Murata Manufacturing foundation.
April, 1978A move and Murata Manufacturing establish to Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa.
January, 1979Production of an oilless bearing is started.
May, 1980The mass-production start of an oilless bearing.
May, 1993The head office factory first extension.
July, 1995The head office factory second extension (ten NC lathes, 30 employees).
March, 1996Capital increase, capital of 5 million yen.
January, 1997Limited company TECHNOBIRTH establishment, capital of 3 million yen.
January, 1998Establishment and three NC lathes extend a limited company TECHNOBIRTH factory.
March, 1998Machining centre establishment.
September, 1999Four NC lathe extension, mass-production of a byway bearing.
March, 2004One machining centre extension.
January, 2005Murata Manufacturing and a limited company TECHNOBIRTH merge,An incorporated company TECHNOBIRTH is founded.The capital of 19 million yen, 48 employees.
January, 2005One machining centre extension.
July, 2005Capital increase, capital of 21 million yen.
October, 2006A move and two NC lathes extend in a their present location.
March, 2007One machining centre extension.
April, 2008Six NC lathe extension.
June, 2008One machining centre extension.
March, 2009Four punching machines establishment.
September, 2011CAD system establishment.
March, 2014Replacement one NC lathe.
July, 2014Replacement one Band saw machine.
June, 2015Replacement one Vertical machining center.