Become a force to open up the future through the oil-less Bush, and contribute to society.

About certificates

Dimensional inspection table, the material of the mill sheet, issue such as a non-corresponding certificate is available.

Please feel free to tell us if you would like.

About delivery

Also display other than the "instant delivery", please contact us because there is a stock of scanty. Even if the product is missing we will respond in a short delivery time, but we may not be able to meet the request by such order situation and availability. Please note.


About special order

Inner diameter, outer diameter, length, other dimensions specified, tolerance specification of custom-made goods also fast delivery, can be manufactured at low cost.Please feel free to contact us.


About additional machining

For the Flange Bushings of MPF series, change of the flange diameter of the standard product, flange cut, etc. are possible change of the head thickness.