Company's features

Usage of the spreading oilless bearing

It has been used for the part where oil supply is difficult, the part which cannot expect the effect of oil lubrication, etc. While use development progresses with standards-izing and low-pricing with various oilless plain bearing, The advantage on a new function is also found out and, now, the use is being expanded to many industrial machines and equipment.

Oilless partner of your company

Our company employs efficiently manufacture experience of the oilless bearing cultivated for years, I will carry out the help of oilless-izing of your company, and low cost realization.

High quality is offered

Since it is a specialized producer of an oilless bearing, it can do, By abundant experience and manufacture know-how, I supply the product of the top quality.

Budget prices are offered

Send the quantity that is indispensable to you at a lower price there.

Short delivery date

Against the background of abundant materials inventory and big production capacity, it is a quick delivery production system. It is established.A custom-made item will also be shipped in the shortest five days!!

Products and Services

*Solid lubricant embedded model oilless bearing*

  • Abundantly in stock [ standard goods / of standard-goods stock "high-strength brass + carbon" / various ]
  • Custom-made item correspondence It corresponds to the custom-made item of variegated quality of the material and form with quick delivery and budget prices.
  • The object for underwater and the oilless bush for sea water can be manufactured.

Base metal species

  • High-strength brass (SP)-CAC304C (HBsC4C) etc.
  • Bronze system (gun metal) - CAC406C (BC6C) etc.
  • Other copper alloy various - phosphor bronzes, lead bronze, aluminium bronze, KS bronze
  • Cast iron, steel-materials various kinds - FC250 etc.
  • a solid lubricant kind carbon system and molybdenum disulfide system Others